Thursday, September 12, 2013


This has been Sloane's room for about a year, and I am just now getting around to putting up pictures and trying to make it a more cohesive space.  I guarantee that I will change things around a hundred more times but for now, peeks.

A really beautiful painting on silk canvas by a Korean artist named Youngmi Jeon from my mom that she brought over from Korea
(it's sloane and rusty!)

Under the sea mobile from Once Upon a Child/ giraffe doll from Rwanda c/o Laura

Top row: giraffe print, woof print c/o Allen/ 
Bottom row: fearfully and wonderfully made print by Amanda Tobin, hot air balloon print 

Blocks and curtain from Ikea
I did this watercolor the other day and when i showed it to Ken, he said, "did you run out of paint?" 
i didn't...

My dear friend Saena put this tree of hope for sloane together during my shower; the leaves are things that the shower attendees wrote down of things that they hope for Sloane.  Ken's contribution: "athletic"

Sloane's closet


  1. Finally!
    I love eunbee looking out of window.

  2. i love her room! that drawing from korea over the crib is absolutely adorable!

  3. seriously, that drawing from korea is beautiful in a room that looks straight out of dwell!

    i like momma's comment

    sloanie is perfect

    miss you both!