Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Voice is back!
The blind auditions are my favorite part. i totally buy the stories and i'll get teary-eyed with the best of them.  I also like how Carson Daly gets so excited and bummed along with the family members watching the auditions in the back room.  i believe him, I do. But my favorite parts are when they start singing, and then I start guessing if anyone will turn and if so, who, and then the anticipation of whose team will the contestant choose to be on?'s such great television. Also, can we talk for a minute about contestant Holly's little brother crying in the back room when she got four chairs to turn around? He looked like he was about ten and he was crying tears of joy for his positively slayed me. Her performance and her brother's reaction was the highlight of the show last night for me.

Anyways, in real life, this week is going by a tad bit faster (and with more ease?) than last week. That's not to say, I couldn't think of a dozen things I would rather do than be at work, but I've piped down my complaints a whole bunch and I DID see a bunch of pumpkins for sale in the back of a pick up truck and it didn't make me feel angry or anything steps.

After a perfect-weathered Friday, Saturday was grey and dreary and put a dent in our outdoor plans but we prevailed and made it out for a quick stop and hop in Carytown, regardless. The highlight? Doggie in the baby carriage, of course.


  1. oh my i love the voice! i am right with you about all the stories and the family members. i do the same thing when someone starts singing, i predict who will turn around and who the artist would choose if they could pick anyone. though i really liked shakira and am not a big Xtina fan...

  2. SO glad you captured Jemie in the stroller!