Friday, August 23, 2013


Already I miss these few hours that we spent last weekend of visiting with Eden and Laura altogether in a clan, which included two newborns and two toddlers. What great fun to see all these littles together. It was a whirlwind of conversation snippets, baby cuddling, toddler chasing, picnicking in the backyard, nursing, laughing and being entertained by endless rounds of 'Doh a deer' courtesy of miss Simone, bookended by joyous drumming.


  1. I love this post Christine! And I love the photos, you always capture things so perfectly!

  2. i LOVE sloane's stinker face in that one photo. it may go down as one of my favs for sure!
    and you tried the apple sauce, yum right?
    wish i was in va to do picnics in the backyard with you. come up here and we'll do it on the roof?

  3. I think sloane needed a bit more time to warm up to simone...

    otherwise, agreed, best way to spend a saturday morning. let's do this again sometime... like 6 hundred times please.

  4. I love the photo of the two in the willow leaves, Simone in the background, sloane in the foreground

    like two baby deer

  5. The willow tree with two babies is beautiful,full of life!

  6. just looking at this again, oh tiny eden. sloane was so little too!!!