Tuesday, August 27, 2013


i know i say this often but it's true every time - THIS right now is my favorite stage. 
maybe it's just that it gets better and better...
but even that is little comfort for how heartbroken i am about this present time being a temporary one. 
i feel nostalgic about all the moments that i am living, as i am living them, knowing that they will pass by too soon and my eyeballs are thirsty as they watch her little body clamoring up the stairs, looking back at me with joy and reaching out for me when she needs the help.   


  1. What a beautiful way to describe the bittersweetness of watching your little one grow up. My daughter is 7 months this week and I just want to stop time to enjoy her like this forever.

  2. Yes, you would feel the same way even when Sloane got married and have her own children. It is every moment of your child to be thrilled.

  3. there's a japanese phrase for this that i absolutely love and puts these sentiments to words...

    see the etymology


  4. hehe. i love this stage that YOU are also going through