Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last one! Just as I bring these set of birthday weekend photos to a close, Sloane’s first birthday looms around the corner and I am surprisingly excited for our little celebration with the family.  This baby of mine has been making me so happy these days and I love that we get a chance to get together to reflect on how happy she makes all of us by her tiny, fiery presence. Just today I was thinking about how she rolls her hands into a small fist to knock on doors. How she picked up on that I don’t know (she obviously observed this happening, but incidents like this make me look back and wonder because when do I ever knock on doors?). She knock knocks (silently, because her fists are too small to make any noise) and then looks back at me with glee. 

And with that, here are the last set of photos from our day out and about in DC. After a delicious hot lunch at Sakuramen, we spent the entire afternoon in Adams Morgan, going from thrift shop to record shop to thrift shop. Taking rest in coffee shops, changing diapers in the car, and walking the streets, we enjoyed the milder summer weather.  Later in the afternoon, we ended up in a used bookstore called Idle Time Books and stayed there while it rained and Sloane napped.  Sloane kept napping through dinner, which was a loud and hurried experience at Amsterdam’s Falafels, and then woke up to join us while we had drinks at a wine bar down the street. All in all, it was pretty much exactly the way I wanted to spend my big birthday and I am so grateful for the lovely ladies that joined me for it.

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  1. "her heart is in hawaii"

    hee hee

    miss you guys
    and can't wait to hear about today's bd party tmrw!