Thursday, July 4, 2013


this post doesn't really have anything to do with fourth of july, but HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! the more i think about it, the more i like this holiday.  i love how it's celebrated - grilled foods, outdoor eating, summertime, american history lessons on the public radio, firecrackers. i'm a fan of them all.

we had a lovely holiday today, but this post is about the day before fourth of july. i scurried over here to tell you about that afternoon, which was glee-sucking. backstory: i grind my teeth, this has caused tiny holes in the wells of two of my teeth, a few days ago i got a tiny piece of peach pit wedged inside one of these holes. now you're all caught up and will understand why i ended up at the dentist today. in my mind, it was going to be the shortest dentist visit ever, in and out. just nudge the peach pit out and i would be on my way.  spoiler alert: two hours later, i walked out of the office with three fillings.

 sometimes those in the medical profession are good about explaining themselves as they go, sometimes, they are not. the lady who came and got me from the waiting room led me into what looked like a closet, handed me an apron that felt like it was filled with led and mumbled something about an x-ray before shutting me inside.   i had all sorts of preconceptions already because the office was in a building that i would have bypassed as a warehouse or a really old nursing home and the elevator smelled like claustrophobia and mothballs. i also should tell you that when i visit any sort of doctor's office or hospital, i am basically going in kicking and screaming, every time. EVERY time. i always have to constantly talk myself down from skipping the whole thing altogether and give myself pep talks about how this is better in the long run, how lucky I am to have health insurance, and how there are so many people in this world that would kill to have access to things like x-rays and experts rummaging around in their mouths. but still, how many things do they need to poke in my there?  at one point, the dental hygienist told me to "stay put, i'll do it."because i was asking too many questions about what each thing was.

the dentist turned out to be very nice, and explained kindly, clearly and casually that i had two cavities and that i would need to get those fixed and get three fillings.  in my head, i was mind yelling, MY FIRST CAVITY! to be exact, my FIRST TWO CAVITIES!   luckily, i decided that i liked the dentist immediately when she saw the panicky look in my eyes as she held up the GIANT needle up in order to numb my gums (the first of two) and immediately did all sorts of reassuring and explaining to put me at ease. she called me "baby' and "babe" the whole time, which i found strangely comforting.

 the cleaning went on and on and on, and then my mouth was numb and there was whirling and drilling and filling, and then more cleaning.  as i rose up from the chair, the relief was immense.  relief that it was over because i felt a little traumatized, but also relief that i didn't run out of the office and stuck around long enough to get my teeth did.  cavities are gone, holes are gone, the piece of peach pit is gone and my teeth feel brilliantly clean.

plus, while i was sitting there getting worked on, there was a TV in my line of vision that was playing all sorts of cooking shows, and i learned a thing or two, one of them being, poke holes in your potato while you bake it if you don't want it to crack.

i ran so many errands that evening, my eyes were bloodshot, but my teeth were clean.  and then, THIS happened.  the video doesn't aptly capture the dance steps, bounces, bumps and sways that was going on when the music started. i was pretty much dying from the overload of pure joy from watching her. i'm sure i'll attempt another capture, but for now, some photos of sloane according to my phone:

she's trying to see what he's doing over there by looking through his legs

she loves pushing buttons
                  Sloane's peekaboos

 the first time she saw a cello
baby,cello//bringing me her shoes


My wild child!


  1. i miss her so! i can't wait to see her!

    so impressed you went this long w/out a cavity btw

  2. so cute! the instagram link doesn't work!!!

  3. aaaagh I just love her sweaty head of hair pinned up in that bow! among everything else about this post... (except for the conviction that's now haunting me to go see a dentist)

  4. when you have a tooth problem, it usually seems to be severe-ish!
    can we take a minute and realize how cute the cello pic and church dancing pic is. okay. thanks.

  5. Having a hole in your tooth can be very painful. The dentist will do you a great service when he packs it full of the bond. Cavities and holes in your teeth hurt very badly, especially when hot or cold hits them. Brushing your teeth twice daily is not a guarantee you will have perfect teeth but it sure helps.