Thursday, July 18, 2013


It’s only the middle of July and it may be going down as my favorite month of 2013 so far, albeit the sporatic and incessant thunderstorms and relentless humidity.  There is so much more to come this month but let’s make a list of what has been, shall we?

^We got to put our new deck to use
^We had so many babies play in our little kiddie pool with Sloane
^Fourth of July weekend meant time of work and get togethers with friends
^The walk through the woods to try to get to Texas Beach. Unsuccessful, but refreshing
^That time we probably had fleas – not a pro, but memorable.
^When I finally accepted the fact that my baby is most definitely now a toddler
^My parents came to visit!
^Both my cousins, Joe and Lois, stayed with us
^My sister Sharon came into town with her fellow
^My sister Eunice got married!
^We celebrated my dad’s birthday all together
^I got to take a few days off work to go to the beach
^I got to finish a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while (David Sedaris’s “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls”)
^Ken ending up in the ER due to what we suspect was an especially bad case of food poisoning. Also, not a pro, but it seems like it should make it on to the list.

And with that, one of my favorite things this month – baby Sloane meets the beach!

^sloane steps on sand for the VERY FIRST TIME!^

^clinging to papa^ 

 ^looking amusedly on at me doing....^ 


  1. LOVE your suit and the pic of her sleeping with your father!

  2. oh my gosh, is ken okay?!?

    also, second what mrs. agaba says,
    plus love the photo with momma in the flowered dress with the wheelbarrow

    looks like a magical time