Monday, July 8, 2013


 Let’s play catch-up, shall we?

This was what I wrote on Friday, thinking I was going to be able to post some photos:
I feel like my hair looks like Kelly Kapowski's hair today. Where are my sisters when I need them to confirm whether this is true?! Because it’s either that, or I have the hair of one of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are. It’s a thin line.
I bristle when people overuse the word, ‘literally’, incorrectly or unnecessarily. I suppose I need to let this go because it has become a free-for-all, and who am I to be judgy about grammar (see? judgy!) but… “She literally yelled at me”….??? “He is literally who I see myself with”….??
On the positive side, I love it when people use the word, ‘incredible’ to describe something that is actually incredible.
I didn’t get to see fireworks yesterday, a decision which I now regret, but we did have some friends over to stuff giant delicious burgers into our faces and that is good enough. I have not seen these high school friends of mine altogether in a while, and it felt good and right to have a quick shindig with all of them yesterday. This blog is being overrun with babies and I DON’T MIND ONE BIT.
Later that Friday afternoon and into Saturday, we had some more visitors and another baby visitor over, and these busy but fun hours whipped by soo fast. (More on this later!)
On Sunday, I woke up with a terrible stomach pain and (unrelated) we came to the inevitable conclusion that we probably had fleas. This was not a fun day.   Also, Sloane didn’t seem sick but she wanted to be held constantly and nursed about twice as much as normal. I couldn’t eat anything because of my stomach so I was drained, in pain, exhausted and stressed about fleas.  We are spraying down and vaccumming every surface area and no surface is safe from the wrath that comes from two paranoid parents. We are pretty sure we came under invasion around Saturday afternoon and WE ARE AT WAR.
I’m going to go back to washing every single item in the house, but will leave you with some photos from the fourth of July, also known in my mind as, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY JULY day.

 this here is harrison, son of my dear friend emily from high school 
- it kind of blows my mind seeing these two together

harrison was grabbing sloane's shirt, and sloane was all, 'yes?? what is it?' 

that expression! (and then note sloane's expression in the background. both pouty faces) 

harrison with the soon-to-be new mama! 

and blurry but i love it anyways: incoming water balloon!


  1. i literally agree .... :D
    was that ash you captioned as soon to be??
    i can't believe its july either but wish it was sept. i can't handle HEAT and SUN like i used to.
    maybe its the age thing.

  2. Love it! What a fun day~ Thanks again for hosting

  3. kelly kapowski had great hair!

    a ring of babies to unite them!