Tuesday, July 2, 2013


i took some engagement photos for my sister and her fiance this past weekend. we had planned out locations for the shoot, but at the last minute we decided to stay near the house and ended up taking these photos our backyard and in the football field nearby. 

sloane made a guest appearance!


  1. the light is so so beautiful! these turned out really well Christine, great job!

  2. yes, really wonderful light, and a picnic and a baby w/ val an chicky makes the whole thing feel very torquay, uk at the turn of the century!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like the prairie full o clover flowers.
    Bountiful food to feed both a girl rabbit and a boy rabbit instead of carrots in the never ending story told by Eunice when she was the first grade.

  4. aw i still have that book I made mom. I love love love all these photos. And I can't believe there are so many good ones from the one from your backyard despite the difficulties we had.

  5. i think my fav is the one of them sitting on the picnic blanket kissing. and the flare of the sun almost covers their face.. the foreground is mainly not them. but it's so clear the subject is them.
    eee Eunice is getting married!