Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This was my second Airbnb experience (the first was for my parents in VA beach) and so far, I'm all in. Due to my nomad blood, I love pretending that I live in the city that I am visiting, and staying in someone’s apartment helps that all seep in. You get the feeling that you may be visiting a friend or family that lives in that particular place, and it becomes that much more personal. For our visit in DC, instead of a hotel, I found us a cute little apartment in a neighborhood behind Adams Morgan, and it was the exactly the cozy getaway we needed.

It also provided us with the space to do that languid and rolling around kind of rest in between our morning and afternoon activities, where you drape yourself over chairs and couches and finish up conversations that started at breakfast, and maybe one of your gets a quick nap in and another starts to reads a poem out of a book that she has been reconciled with, and yet another looks through the books on the shelf and repeats the phrase, ‘my heart is in Hawaii’ over and over again.


  1. i dont get it, you rented an apartment for one night? how does that work?

  2. I LOVE airbnb!! Jon stayed in airbnb places for almost all of our stay in Europe this summer. It is so great to have a place that you feel like you can come "home" to at the end of the day and way cheaper than a hotel. Bonus if the hosts give you the local's choice pick of restaurants and attractions. :) Love you and glad you had a good time!