Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Union Market was pretty much the perfect place to spend the first half of our day in DC.  Four ladies and a baby made our way to the market in the new hours of the morning. It was before all the stands set up outside and even before most of the stalls inside the building had opened, but we reveled in the slow unraveling of a marketplace, taking rest in the quiet and soaking in the murmurs of sunlit space.

We found our haven in between the stalls of Lyon Bakery and Peregrine Expresso and had ourselves a marvelous breakfast of fresh sourdough bread, farm fresh organic bright yellow butter, coffee, grapefruit, and the freshest strawberry greek yogurt I have ever tasted.  The food could have kept us there for the entire day.  We sat over our feast, eating and talking, drinking and listening. My mom shared with us what her pregnancies were like with each of us, and Sloane got her first taste of sourdough and butter. We took our time there, toying with the idea of spending our entire day there, choosing to ignore that any time was passing at all.


  1. that food looked amazing! glad you got to soak up all that lady time!

  2. oh the kim ladies. such a beautiful gathering! eunice and sharon's hair is both so long!

  3. treasuring the memory! I love being recorded in your blog and recounting the good times.