Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This isn’t going to be so much of a sharing of a successful recipe as much as it is a description of how I come up with a lot of meals these days.  The food above is a wreath made out of crescent rolls stuffed with a sweet potato, apple, bacon, and onion hash. It came to be because I had some of the hash frozen in my fridge from the week prior, and I have been wanting to stuff that hash into something breaded.  I also made individual crescent rolls stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese, all of which I had in my fridge, and which I actually liked better than the wreath version (the big and buttery version of crescent rolls that I used for the wreath was too big, too buttery). I’m always looking for new ideas for breakfasts and what I do nowadays to save on money and time is to think about what I have in my fridge at that very given moment, and then google those things in combination with the word recipe at the end of them to see what the internet gives me. I have come across a lot of interesting recipes like that, and usually I do have everything I need already, or I just need to get one or two things to complete the list of needed ingredients. It’s easier than looking for entirely new recipes.  And there is great satisfaction to be had by using up items in the fridge that may have gone to waste otherwise.

Before I came across this, I googled something like ‘phyllo dough, eggs, breakfast recipe’ and the internet came up with a recipe for Brik, a Tunisian tuna and egg turnover, which I will attempt any day now because I have all needed ingredients in my kitchen. Thanks, internet.

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