Tuesday, June 4, 2013


^It has been incredibly difficult to get up in the mornings these past couple of days for work. This morning, I wanted to get back into bed so very badly once I got up to turn off my alarm, but I knew that would mean a high chance of oversleeping, so I laid down on the floor instead. You know, the logic being that I wouldn’t be able to fall into a deep enough sleep, but that at least I was horizontal for a little longer. I still fell asleep for 5 more minutes.

^June is going to be a very busy month.

^Note to self: GET EYEDROPS. You can’t keep living like this.

^I overheard someone say, “No problem, it’s easy cheesy.” It made me wince.

^I mulled over the word, ‘avuncular’, for a few minutes this morning. The dictionary says, “of or relating to an uncle.” Or second definition: “suggestive of an uncle especially in kindliness or geniality.” Examples of the word in a sentence: “a man known for his avuncular charm.” Rhymes with avuncular: “carbuncular, peduncular.” I had to know, is there an aunt version? And yes, in fact, there is. The word is, ‘materteral’- which doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as ‘avuncular’, and it doesn’t show up in the Merriam-Webster. FYI (and it matters for the next point...)

^An avuncular co-worker said to me, “So is Sloane driving yet?” with a joking twinkle in his eye. (Yes, a twinkle. I don’t use this descriptor lightly.) I laughed. “They grow up fast, don’t they?”  “Yes,” I said. “It seems like she is learning something new every day!” “Let me tell you a funny story,” he said. “I was showing a friend a picture of my grandson the other day, and my friend said, ‘They grow so fast!’, and I said, ‘No kidding! His mom is MY baby!’” I don't know, this made me happy. 

^I had two eggs and one entire giant avocado this morning for breakfast. It felt luxurious. Also, this video.

^We got Sloane a couple of balls to play with – a small soccer ball and a small volleyball. She has been picking them up to carry around and we think she is saying, “bah” for ball but she also says this for other things, so who knows, but anyways, K.’s mom got us a big watermelon this past weekend and when Sloane saw it, she circled it, assessed the situation, gave it a few pats, and then, logically, tried to pick it up.


  1. that is the best thing i have ever seen

  2. love the last picture, i feel like that when i do a strenuous exercise, you just have to yell while you lift.

  3. these pictures had me in tears from laughing so hard. I think she's been to heavily under the influence of your insanity work outs.

  4. I still want to take pictures of you being a mom of Sloane.
    If I can live until you have your grandchildren in future, I would still be taking picture of you being a grandmother.
    I think your co-worker is right.