Monday, June 24, 2013


Yes, another baby shower!

This one was the last of a string of showers that happened this past month and it was extra fun because several of us gathered together to make up the party planning committee, and what’s better than one head? Four heads.

Martha is one of the ladies that I looked up to while I was pregnant with my bebe. I was lucky to be around several friends who were mothers, but something about the way Martha handled her own pregnancy and transition into motherhood really appealed to me. She was down-to-earth, honest, transparent, all while maintaining a sense of humor about everything. She also remained so much herself, and I would say, she became even more of herself, if that makes sense to you, and it really encouraged me during those times when I would freak out about how having a baby would change me into a person that I didn’t want to become. It helped me see that being a mother could mean that you could become more aware of who you are and who you are meant to be. We all love her for her warmth and genuineness, we have loved seeing her grow as a mother, and we are so glad we are going to get to be around for her second one! 

The shower’s theme was a garden tea party and we did things like make a tea bar with various loose teas for guests to put together their own blends to drink at the shower and also take home as a favor, make lots of food appropriate for a tea party, decorate with greens and flower garlands, and asked guests to bring their own tea cups to use and then gift. It was so much fun and I'm resolved to have more tea parties in my future.


elizabeth putting together the pavlova, which was my personal favorite.

pavlova by elizabeth, cake by mignon (with vanilla bean frosting!)

i could have eaten the whole thing

i woke up craving this curried chicken salad made by laura. so addictive.

the scones + clotted cream + jam combo is tea party food perfection (scones courtesy of elizabeth and jams from meghan)

the cold drinks before they were ushered inside due to the heat

make your own tea bar! tea bags from Natural Tea Bags were perfect to create our own tea blends

the ginger + cardamom + black tea combination was killer

there were a few little ladies that joined us for the party 

three bumps with girls in them! 

martha with the hostesses

the lovely ladies who showered!


  1. this was such a fun afternoon and it was such a gift to be able to celebrate Martha with such wonderful women!

  2. this was such a fun afternoon and it was such a gift to be able to celebrate Martha with such wonderful women!

  3. it turned out even better than i imagined ! (and it was pretty awesome in my imagination)

  4. I love this idea and how you executed it so very much. I am going to have a diy tea bar for the a morning tea fundraiser for cancer research.

    I was wondering if you could list what ingredients you included? I see chamomile, ginger, cardamom in the pics but would love to know what other little piles you had! Thanks in anticipation!


  5. Happy to know about this tea party and baby shower. I am planning a birthday party for my father at one of top rated venues in Los Angeles next month. Hope he likes my surprise and enjoys the party with all his friends.