Sunday, June 16, 2013


one of the songs that appeases Sloane when she is cranky in the car is "bingo".
you know, "there was a farmer, who had a dog..."

on our way to brunch today, after i dutifully sang a round, i told ken to take it away. and he proceeded with,

"there was a cat who scratched a lot and ...sam was his name-o.
and sammm was his name-o"

ken and i are new at this papa and mama thing, and we are learning as we go, but i have to say that we both love our new roles and we are both, 'hee hee our first mother's/father's day!' because of the novelty of it.  i love having front row seats to see my friend and husband grow in this role, and i'm glad for sloane that she gets to have such a man for a father.

and now, a papa for all seasons (from our brunch today):

a papa to protect her, a papa to have dance parties with

a papa to feed her

a papa to make her laugh

a papa to color with. although, she hasn't quite grasped the concept yet.

 a papa to hold her tight (they look especially alike when they are wearing their serious faces.)

 a papa to look up to. 


  1. aw...:) looks like you guys had an awesome time!! i love her bow.

  2. sweet post and beautiful family