Tuesday, June 25, 2013


first things first. watermelon oreos, don't do it.
i regretted it the moment i took my first bite, but it provided an afternoon of entertainment at work with people coming by my desk to test taste and give their oreo rating and just like that, the whole package was finished. i'm glad that it didn't go to waste, but i feel a tinge guilty about helping people consume a sugary cookie that tasted like plastic.

secondly, the triple ginger snaps from trader joe's - DO it.
i've been doing this ginger snap + chai tea combo at work for breakfast dessert and all that spice is a a flavor explosion deeelight.  and yes, breakfast dessert, it's a thing.

 thirdly. the other day, i opened my fridge door, stared at the grapefruit flavored San Pellegrino inside and fantasized about a grapefruit and rosemary infusion. once i got my hands on some rosemary, i made a rosemary flavored simple syrup (heat and stir 1/2 cup of sugar + 1/2 cup of water + one spring of rosemary), added it to the San Pellegrino, topped it with some vodka, stirred it all around and voila! making my fantasies come true, one drink at a time.

fourth. i have other fantasies that i am going to make come true. some of them involve drinks and foods, others of them have to do with writing more.  the key words here are discipline and practice. another key word: confidence.

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  1. haha! so glad you tried them. so sorry they were terrible!

    That drink sounds really yummy I must try it!

    I've making mojitios with the pineapple mint. no simple syrup required just crushed limes, mint, and a spoonful of sugar. top it off with sparking whatever you have. so good!