Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Some days (like yesterday) I am like wow! look at this! Did I officially cross a gazillion things off my list and win like a boss?

And then I got up this morning, realized I hadn't done the three things on the list that were actually the most important, and barely got baby, all the bags, myself, and breakfast-on-the-go stuffed into the car when I realized again that I forgot to take the milk I had bought into the house the night before, and then I get to work and realized I forgot the truly important thing of all ....... my coffee mug.  Were you counting? That's three - one, two, three - realizations

But so it goes, and I again make a new to-do list for the day, get some diet dr. pepper, thank the heavens for my last minute outfit change out of the black dress that had visible baby food running down it, and end up having a pretty good day anyways!

While K. has been away for work this week, Sloane and I have run errands everyday after work, and it feels a little bit like I will get indigestion because I gulp down my food so fast in order to be able to make it out and back before her bedtime, but it is kind of great taking her around with me because she is in utter awe and observation of all the different places we go (have you ever imagined what a grocery store looks like to a baby? or Target??) and just her eyeballs on everything keeps her occupied and it is all kinds of fun showing her different things. And in that way, jump with me to the grand conclusion here, that sometimes it's twice as hard getting things done with a babe, but it is also ten times more fun.

We stopped by the hat section on our way to get some milk, and Sloane tried on a slew of hats, looking at each one carefully. She is also becoming a really good cart rider. Here she is letting me know she too, is a fan of Target.


  1. Hehe, hats !

    You are doing great!
    God may bless your heart!

  2. that sounds like the MOST fun. i cannot WAIT to see you guys.

    (also, whew about last minute outfit change)

  3. wish i could run errands with you guys. wish i could live in richmond. wish i could live right next door and take sloane on errands with ME. miss you!

  4. also, i'm curious about what is on your lists...