Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am zone out queen these days. It's not that I am thinking about nothing; it's that I have so many things to think on that I leave reality for a minute in order to address that other thought and then it's all, 'where DID i put those keys?'  I explain this to my husband by saying that I have more important things to use my brain power for, i.e. making sure I do my best to take care of a baby, and yes it IS unfortunate that I can't remember if I've turned the stove off, but I'm trying, and things seem to be going okay so far, don't they? i know it drives K. sometimes - it drives ME crazy almost all the time, but patience, patience, while I get the hang of this.

I call it the octopus mode. It's a necessary skill that is thrust upon a mother, and if you're a newbie, there's some fumbling around and dropping of balls. But then I think (I hope) what happens is that you start to become better at the juggling and become the sort of octopus that knows how to utilize all eight arms like a champ. Sometimes I really do wish I had about six more arms, but then, would it feel as complete, as filling, and all-encompassing as it does when I hold my baby close and tight with my two arms?

For now, (I tell myself), it's okay that I drop a ball or two, as long as I can use these two arms that I do have to wrap them around my baby each night.


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  2. Christine you are one of the most amazing multi tasking, baby loving, friend supporting, super wives i have EVER known. If you can do all that with two would be ridiculous with 6 more. LOVE you

  3. lovely mom and baby around tiny hearts~