Thursday, April 25, 2013


There's a part of my brain that buzzes and hums whenever I can get in the mode of creating or being creative. It is fulfilling in of itself, but the buzz also helps to stimulate all of the rest of brain, and helps me to stay engaged in both the lofty and everyday life.  There's many things I love about pursuing the creative life, but one of my favorite things is when it forms or begets community. So obviously when I heard about the newly formed Hunt.Gather retreat for women, I was all 'where do I sign up?'

The beginning of such retreats happened last weekend. It was a two day, three session affair, and it offered classes such as photography, writing, cooking, drawing and knitting.  Its intention is to draw out and form community - Redemption Hill's community, the Richmond community, our community - of ladies who are participants and purveyors of the creative life, and provide a space to retreat, make, and conversate. The preparation was simple - you picked a session or two of your interest, paid just $5 per class, and then showed up. I signed up for a figure drawing class because it had been oh so long since I sketched with a pencil and pad and I was excited for the set aside time to just revel in moving my hand across a page. It was a much needed break from the busy life and it was refreshing - there was humming, buzzing, zoning, relaxing. Our teacher, Michaela, was fun, relaxed, and knowledgeable about guiding the small group through each person's attempts, and her insights and the experience of those few hours reminded me of how enjoyable I find this particular mode of creating.

I know that Megan - the force behind this retreat - is looking to make this a recurring event, possibly the next one to come in the fall, so keep your eye out. If you like their Facebook page, you will probably be alerted when the dates for the next one go up. You can find the Facebook here, see more pictures there, and the blog here.

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