Thursday, February 21, 2013


This post is long overdue, but long story short, the baby is well into her 6th month. I’ve been counting by weeks, counting 4 weeks as a month, theeeen I realized doing that would get Sloane to 12 months one month before her one year birth date. Which is just awkward and confusing for everyone. So I’m officially shifting to counting her age by months. Which means, this last post about this was baby at 5 months. Which means my wish that she would stay 6 months for a long time came true, kind of.  Anyways, heeerrree she is! 6 months.

^^^ Lately, she does this thing where she stares at you, hard, like she does, until you look over at her and then she breaks out into the biggest, widest, truest smile. When I am cooking and she is hanging out in her contraption thing, sometimes I look over and find that she is standing still, looking at me, waiting for me to turn around, and then she is all ‘HI MAMA!!!!’ not with words; with her face. When K. is around, she is often staring at him, waiting, and as soon as he looks back at her, it's sunshine on her face.

^^^ It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when baby has been taking a nap, and she is laying somewhere where I can see her sleeping, and then get surprised when I look over at her again and her eyes are open and she is just quietly laying there, surveying her surroundings, nary a peep. Blink blink.

^^^ She is showing more will, and it is so funny to see this tiny person get all worked up in a huff because she wants more pureed mango. I guess she has no other way to communicate right now that she wants more, so it’s a lot of "eh eh eh eh eh eh."

^^^Watching her employ all sorts of tactics to try to get her hands on something out of reach is fascinating.

^^^The other day I was giving her a bath and she could not get enough of the thin rod of water coming down from the bathtub faucet. She fixated on trying to grab the rod with her hands and we both zoned out for a while, watching her tiny hands attempt to conquer water.

^^^When I drink a glass of water, she stares me down as if I am doing the most.fascinating.thing. Come to think of it, you can’t help get sort of an inflated sense of yourself, with this tiny creature always watching your every move as if you are doing something awesome. Like this morning, I was putting on my boots, and she could not get enough of it.

^^^If you stand her up and she has just eaten a good meal and is feeling particularly happy, she will do this sort of dance where she stamps her feet – left, right, left, right – with a bounce. A jig of sorts.

^^^She has started on solids, she likes it, and it makes me giddy to introduce her to a new food each week.  Also, I started to notice that when I tell her to “use your hands”, she grabs the spoon and complies. I, of course, declared her a genius on the spot.

^^^One tooth has emerged. It’s the middle one on the bottom, and she likes to clench her jaw with her one tooth and do a repetitive biting motion with her mouth.

^^^She is still utterly fascinated by Rusty. He is pretty unconcerned about her.

^^^I love holding her little hand.


  1. I love the way she stares at Robert, so much intensity! LOVE that little one

  2. happy 6 months officially sloane!

  3. blogs about babies have definitely caught my attention 100% more since Sloane. This one reminded me a little of your experiences