Sunday, January 13, 2013


so the other weekend, when it was sunny and crisp on a saturday morning, my parents, sloane, ken, rusty and i, all went over to churchhill to check out WPA bakery and walk around to the parks in the neighborhood. it was peace-giving, sun in my eyes, fresh air in my lungs, love in my heart - that's how much i had needed a walk in the great outdoors. i took so many photos with my dslr, photos that made me happy to have captured - my dad happily pushing sloane in the stroller, my mom posing in front of pretty houses that we imagined she would move to, ken and rusty overlooking richmond, my parents walking side by side.  there was so much sunlight and i felt so fresh.

then, a few days ago, i went to my camera to retrieve them, and discovered that horrors of horrors, i had accidentally deleted all of them. i was and still am tortured about having lost those photos. i'm fighting that huge feeling of regret, which doesn't fade easy, and i'm resolved to recreate all that somehow. the possibility of that happening isn't great, but i'm a big girl, i'll pull up my big girl pants and get over it. 

and instead, here are five things that my iphone camera captured and kept from that weekend with my parents:
1. artichoke and feta roll + tasty coffee at WPA bakery
2. sloane and my mom at lamplighter
3. the baby during a costco run
4. fans watching k. play volleyball.
5. sloane having a good time with her grandpa.


  1. ohmyshoes. my heart just dropped a little .... i cannot imagine.

  2. HAHA that look on her face. she is just a tiny gem of a polka dot genie

  3. I want to know your momma better... it's clear where you get your sweet sweet cool