Tuesday, December 11, 2012


If you were wondering, laundry did not get folded last Thursday, bravado and plans withstanding. It started off good, but then S. decided she wasn’t so much into swinging after all and wanted to cuddle and paw at my face, so we did that instead, which was more than okay with me. Laundry is getting done in tiny increments over several days, and as always, more appears! It's never ending. I've accepted that.

I had several things I wanted to post over the weekend but seeing as that didn’t happen, I’m going to make this a long one with a lot of words and then lots of pictures of a baby. You in?  Here are some lily pads of thoughts:

1.      When Sloane gets all worked up (usually at night after I have put her in the crib), and I go back in the room to check on her, she flaps her arms like WILD, indicating that she wants to be picked up. It is the funniest, cutest, best thing right now. Flap flap flap flap flap. The other day, she only got one arm out of her swaddle, and when I leaned over her, she flapped the one free arm with all of her might.
2.      I don’t want to call it pregnancy/nursery brain, and this didn’t actually happen to me that much during my pregnancy, but whatever it is, these days I find that I can be holding a thought in my brain at one moment, and the next moment, it’s as if most of the words in the sentence fall away into an abyss, and I am left holding the remnants of a phrase. For example, if I am thinking, “She looks like Mandy Moore” at one point, the next moment, even just a few minutes later, it looks like this: “She looks like M_____ M_____.  What is her name? Mindy? No. She sings that song that goes (play tune of song). M something…. Her last name is short. What is it?” It’s eery. Other times I will have a fully formulated thought in my head, but when I try to pull it up, all I can pull up are the feelings that I have associated with that thought, but not the words. For example, at work, I know that we need to discuss a particular incident that needs to be resolved and I can remember how I feel frustrated about it, and how problematic it is, but I can’t remember the name of the incident or the problem that I need to refer to. Doesn’t that sound crazy?! Thankfully this doesn’t have too much, and usually a few moments of calm thinking, and/or grabbing a pen and paper will bring it back up, but I don’t like it.  This means I try to write down anything/everything I need to remember.
3.      I have so many angry thoughts about my student loans, and about student loan lenders. If you are lucky (ha), I may elaborate on this later.  All I will say for now is that it is depressing at best. 
4.      Can I do a tiny little vent unrelated to anything that I have mentioned so far?! It is so irritating, but admittedly  not surprising, that people who claim to like She & Him, know Zooey Deschanel is the ‘she’ but is not aware that other half of the duo is M. Ward, who is amazing and I love him.  
5.      Lastly, I have decided I will keep a food diary of our dinners. This will be mostly in order to keep track of how we are eating, remember recipes that are worth keeping around, and understand which ones work and which ones don’t. I’ll keep it mostly to weekdays, and try to post a list of what we ate Monday-Friday each week.  I will post the first one this weekend! Look out for it. 

Now, pictures!! Let's call these, 'that time....with baby sloane'

that time she couldn't decide between omelets and french toast at brunch.
 her cheeks look like they might have an opinion all of their own. 

that time we realized she was dressed almost exactly like her dad (not planned, i swear), 
and she watched us eat pho. 

that time we went to costco and she made friends with a stuffed lion and monkey

that time she pooped ALL OVER HERSELF up to her shoulders, and was really happy about it. 

that time she kicked her legs around until she got them wedged in between the bars of her crib

that time she wore a tutu. and liked it. 

that time she had went face-to-face with a dog.

that time she sat next to a boy who commented on her vest (thanks great-grandma!)
 and told her that 'she was a very nice baby'


  1. I was so sad that the list + pictures of baby had to come to an end. I could watch slidesshows of you guys all day long! can't wait to see what you have cooked up (har!) your sleeve this weekend:)

  2. I love the picture of Ken N Sloane' outfit matched.

    Writing down everything is the best strategy of all to be capable of anything, everything. You will find yourself much more efficient worker after the habit of taking notw.

  3. I love the picture of Ken N Sloane' outfit matched.

    Writing down everything is the best strategy of all to be capable of anything, everything. You will find yourself much more efficient worker after the habit of taking notw.

  4. Oh man, that pic of her an E has me tearing up. I love you all so much!