Wednesday, December 5, 2012


there was a party at our house this past weekend. 

our friends Maya & Sang decided to get engaged after 9 years of dating. 9 years! 
so it was worth a celebration. 

the thing that i am proudest of is this wall that i did with gold sparkly wrapping paper.
i hunted and hunted for the exact kind i wanted and found it at Michael's (they had BLACK glitter wrapping paper, too!) the original plan was to do a massive zigzag across a bigger wall, but it failed, so this was the back up plan. there were some hiccups here and there, and don't look too close because there is a lot of tape, but overall i am pleased with how it turned out. it achieved the effect that i wanted, which was big, bold, graphic and sparkly. i wanted it to be used as a backdrop for photos, and i think it worked. it is staying up probably all throughout the holidays, because if you look hard enough, it is an upside down xmas tree. 

and do you see what is happening with the balloon jelly fish? i ordered two clear 36" balloons from Koyal Wholesale, had them filled at Party City, and then Maya jazzed it up fringing streamers and adding a gold circle garland (from Target). we were all in love with the balloons.

see? photo backdrop

 since all parties should have a cake, there was the prettiest cake i've seen in a while. made all the more better that it was homemade. Maya had the idea to put this together and voila! she made it happen. it was easier than i thought it was going to be, and not icing the sides made it a quicker process while giving it a really sweet look. 

congrats to the goofy/fun/happy couple!


  1. this turned out beautifully Christine! Wow, what a great job! You need to throw me a party!

  2. hostess extraordinaire!

    and maya and sang are just as cute and triumphant as the tiny flags on the cake

  3. The sparkly paper is absolutely gorgeous and fits right in with wintry holiday celebrations!

  4. Hello,Sang, hello, Maya, Congratulations!!