Thursday, September 13, 2012


currently addicted to: siggi's yogurt (14 grams of protein!), the idea of being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy shorts, this week's fall-like weather, looking through old photos, internet shopping for the perfect autumn back-to-work shoe, and kissing sloane's chub cheeks.

confession: i am counting done the days until i have to go back to work with a little bit of dread. i know and have been telling myself that it will all be fine once i start and get into the swing of things, but i've never had to work with a baby before and the logistics of it all is what makes me a wee anxious. how do working moms get up in the morning, nurse, pump, take the baby to daycare, do a full work day, pump during a work day, battle traffic to go pick up baby from daycare, get home, nurse some more, make dinner, clean, do dishes, laundry, prepare and pack lunch, and spend time with husband and baby? and also get enough sleep, look good, and stay sane? how?? i don't know, but I'm about to figure it out. i know i can do it because first of all, tons of women do it, and secondly, i've been surprising myself a lot these past few months - i gave birth to a baby and am now taking care of one - and at least i'm getting to do it in gradual stages, right? it truly is a mixed bag, this becoming a mother thing. methinks that each new mother should get a welcome-to-motherhood kit which includes a bag of fairydust.

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