Monday, July 9, 2012


Personal facts and observations about week 38
  1. It’s a small travesty when I drop something on the floor because it is impossible to pick it up without looking super awkward. Yeah I’ll say it- I’ve picked up my phone with my toes before when it’s fallen on the floor of the car.
  2. Your skin becomes more sensitive to raging sun. The other day I took a 20 minute walk, and even with SPF 55 on my face, I felt like I got a sunburn on my cheeks. Granted, the temperature last week and this past weekend was deadly hot.
  3. After all this time,
    I still have trouble remembering to take prenatal vitamins + two iron supplements, and now several evening primrose supplements, every day.
  4. There is so much pain in my pelvic area. She is getting lowww. My least favorite parts of the day is when I am getting out of bed in the middle of the night or in the morning and have to take that first step because of the shooting pain. Also, leg cramps in the middle of the night! My friend Martha recently recommended coconut water for this though, and it seems to be helping.
  5. The comments and questions about when I am due now come at me non-stop. I don’t mind it, but I DID mind it when this one man said, in response to me telling him I’m 3 weeks away from my due date, “Oh, I would have said you were due yesterday! HA-HA-HA”.  Har. Har.
  6. I still need to get a nursing tank.
  7. I am squished in between the two emotions of not wanting to be pregnant anymore, but still not feeling quite ready yet to have my life taken over by a baby. 
  8. I feel like a hippo walking around on its hind legs.
  9. I am finding that the keys to not looking as wretched as you feel is a shower, lots of lotion or body oil, bright lipstick, and good posture.
  10. Sometimes I fall asleep at night imagining what it will be like to hold her in my arms.


  1. You look like you are rocking pregnancy in every single post *which you are, and make it look so easy, *although definitely it is not! I love your remedies to make one feel better, bright lipstick does make life better overall. hang in there sis! lots of kisses to little Sloane V. Lu ...Sloane C. Lu and her mommy :)

  2. ditto to eunice. you def rocked this pregnancy.
    i can't wait to meet her. like really.

  3. power to you christine!!! Keep up the toe exercises....little lu will be here before you know it!