Thursday, June 21, 2012


You know how you hear crazy stories about hormonal ladies during their pregnancy going berzerko, eating everything in sight, sobbing in the middle of the grocery store, being mean to their husbands etc? Well I’ve been half-expecting that crazy lady to emerge within these past few pregnancy months, but she has stayed out of sight and it’s been a relatively stable time, thank the Lord. And I’m not just saying this because I’m self-deluded, K. agrees. However, just this past week (hello last month of pregnancy) I’ve started noticing that I turn into a cranky lady real fast. It’s like the distance between calm/steady and completely irritated has gotten considerably shorter, and sometimes, especially when the day has been long, and my body feels extra heavy, I am shooting headfirst into crankypants land. Which means things like- finding myself getting super irritated by panhandlers on street corners, and thinking overly mean thoughts about drivers who don’t turn on their signal while they drive. Yesterday, the woman at the drive-through forgot to give us honey mustard and I felt irrationally upset about it. Yeeeah. It also translates into me getting cranky about having to repeat myself yet again trying to explain to K. why I want shelving in the living room, and having crankyface when we spend too long deciding on ceiling fans. I guess it doesn’t help that we are in high gear preparing for this move into the house and for those of you who’ve bought and moved into a house before, YOU KNOW. Sometimes it’s really fun and sometimes it’s plain out stressful. I know K. gets stressed about it all too, but we sail on, and I’d like to think that we help each other get through the stressful times, and the fun times are a party because we are in it together. Regardless, it’s better because we’re together. And here’s a shout out to my husband - someone who easily forgives, tries to understand (especially when I demand it), carries the heavy things, facilitates naps where he holds me tight, still tells me I’m beautiful, budgets and plans, and brings me watermelon. He is my knight in shining armor right now as far as I’m concerned. And yes sometimes even ladies get frustrated and cranky at their knights, but oh they love their handsome knights and want them around always.


  1. I love the title of this post. and the picture. and the post. i can't wait to be an aunt!

  2. what a lovely ode to not only ken, but to a moozie+sloane

  3. love this post and so thankful for my own knight