Tuesday, June 26, 2012


That’s a lot of weeks!

36 weeks is usually 9 months, which is why I get people asking me how far along I am, and when I say 36 weeks, they say, ‘Oh 9 months!’ which is when everything thinks the baby comes out, but then I have to say, ‘No, I have actually have a whole month left, because pregnancy actually goes up to 40 weeks’, which is 10 months! And then there is confusion.

I finally looked into it and figured out that there is a reason why doctors calculate it by weeks instead of months. Thinking in months is not accurate because we don’t have consistent months, like we do weeks. I was instructed to start counting from October 17, 2011, the last day of my last period, and I am 36 weeks in from that date on. To figure out the date, one would think you do 36 divided by 4 weeks, which would be 9 months, BUT that isn't entirely accurate because some months have more than just 4 weeks! Which is why, simply speaking, yes, I am in my 9th month of being pregnant, but technically speaking, I am 36 divided by 4.3 weeks, which is 8.37 months.  Simply dividing by 4 would imply that there are only 28 days in each month, which is not the case because months have 30 or 31 days.  It’s kind of like how there are 52 weeks in the year, but if you divide that only by 4 weeks, you get 13 months, instead of 12. You see?

So there’s that little FYI if you wanted to know, but REGARDLESS, the important thing is, is that I have four more weeks to go. Full term is 40 weeks. And as much as I am ready to not be pregnant anymore, I hope she stays in the oven until full term. Apparently, that is best for baby because every moment she spends in there is valuable for all the strength, nutrients, and growing that can be done. I’m not sure, however, if baby knows that it’s good for her. I’m getting the impression that she wants OUT based on how much she is banging around in there. I feel like the inside of my uterus is bruised from how much she pushes and flails around, because sometimes it really hurts! It feels like she is working as hard as she can to push at all the walls to try to burst free.

-At 9 months -
Pros: A sense of accomplishment for getting this far.
Cons: I get irrationally irritated from random unexpected things; soreness and moving in slow motion
Craving: Not anything in particular, but still eating a lot of watermelon.
Outlook on the coming of baby: I hope she stays put until close to her due date.
Feelings about husband: I’m grateful that he has been taking good care of me!


  1. Thanks for explaining that! I always wondered but usually moms get too exasperated with the question. Too many numbers!

    PS. you guys look super cute. Love you!

  2. that's definitely a lot of numbers, i'm gonna have to think through the math a couple times before i get it :)
    i love the picture of you and ken, he is a good sport for allowing the pda hehe, and i looove how only the dress looks like it's in color.
    By the way, did you already have a post on the name sloane? I'm sure you did but maybe you can do another number on your firm decision on sticking to the name...so again, does this mean technically you have 28 days left???

  3. i totally feel like there's an expose about preganancy timelines here-- you really broke it down