Monday, May 28, 2012


Watermelon is my summer staple food. Corn is a close second, especially when it is grilled. We can’t use our grill right now, but thankfully The Continental has this amazing Mexican corn on the cob on their menu to address my hankerings. It’s fresh corn on the cob with lime butter, cumin, and cheese, and it is delicious. I will probably be going back for the main purpose of ordering some more of that corn, and to maybe also try their lobster roll.

It was as if the weather knew that it was a long weekend and the sun decided to shine on in all its glory. It was hot and humid and I liked it. I also liked all the things we got to do this weekend (even though we never got around to strawberry picking, no matter how many times we tried.) It was a great weekend, but do we all agree we could use another couple of days off?

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