Wednesday, May 30, 2012



I feel large. Sometimes I feel like a graceful large lady, other times I feel like an uncomfortable and sweaty large lady.

There’s no more guessing or mystery anymore, strangers straight up ask me, “When are you due?” This means that there is absolutely no question in their minds that I am a pregnant lady.

I get easily excited about little girl/baby outfits.
I also get easily excited about home décor. Thank you, Pinterest and HGTV.

Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, one of the things I’m really looking forward to about not being pregnant is being able to sleep on my back.

I’m starting to get really specific in my prayers about what the labor is going to be like. First order of importance is that the baby gets in a position optimal for birth. C’mon baby, you can do it.

- At 8 months - 
Pros: We are that much closer to her arrival
Cons: Back aches, leg aches
Currently craving: Watermelon
Outlook on the coming of baby: I hope you are healthy!
Feelings about husband: This time of preparing/nesting/waiting together is sweet and precious. It will never be like this again and I must remember to savor these last few weeks. 


  1. you look like a doll :)
    i hope you savor these last few weeks and get excited for what happens next.
    i'm proud of you

  2. you look like a Magnolia tree in May shower

  3. its me, the resounding gong who has the same comment for every picture of pregnant you...


  4. haha laura thank you! it's so encouraging to hear that along the way :D