Tuesday, April 26, 2011

disposable camera

I like discovering and learning about all the amazing high-tech cameras that are coming out these days. It's amazing! But also, it is nice experimenting with different mediums and sometimes it is fun to try out a disposable camera. You can usually find a waterproof one, which means its perfect for pictures near the water and other sandy locations! I like feeling the freedom to snap away while being aware that you only have 25 pictures to take, so, choosing wisely.

Here are some of my favorite results from a disposable camera from past years, most of them are from the summertime, and the only editing I did was to increase the exposure a little bit to get more light.

Note to self to keep shooting with a disposable camera this upcoming summer!

Random thoughts

1. K. and I are so jetlagged. I don't remember my sleeping schedule being so off like this on my other trips from Korea. Last night we got 3 and 4 hours of sleep respectively. I consider not being able to fall asleep as a legitimate pet peeve. It's up there along with stupidity and ignorant people. I get really cranky when I can't fall asleep and it's bad because I just lay there stewing about how upset I am that I still have not fallen asleep after laying awake in the dark for three and a half hours. The crankiness is mostly due to the fact that I know I will be completely wasted for work the next day if I haven't gotten 7-8 hours of sleep the night before. Lack of sleep is my krptonite, along with cold weather.
K. is less cranky about his insomnia and jet lag, even though he is just as affected by the lack of sleep, and apparently he does things like walk the dog, eat oranges, and watch Seinfeld. I did watch one episode of Seinfeld with him before falling asleep finally. The one with the junior mints. What female body part rhymes with the name Dolores??

2. I really dig swell.com. I keep putting things in my online shopping cart, and even though I will probably not purchase most of the things that end up in there, I get a small sense of satisfaction from collecting things into my cart. A sort of window shopping and therapy, if you will.

3. UK Urban Outfitters always has better stuff than US UO. Also, sometimes, I can't help rolling my eyes at UO.

4. Things I want to get done soon: dress-making, watermelon nails, finding a good bronzer blush

5. Wish I had a tree that grew money just for traveling and vacations.

6. Education reform is so hot right now.

7. I need to pick a hobby or two and just stick with it. My interests are so varied and widespread that I feel that I will miss out if I don't curate myself. This problem could be solved if someone would pay me to cultivate all my interests and hobbies.

8. I would like to throw a grown up dinner party with proper decorations and food and everything, but I am such a perfectionist when it comes to things like this that it might be a while before this goal is realized.

9. Job searching while working a full-time job is tough but it must be done.

10. Regardless of anything else that could and should be a downer for me right now, I get so happy when I think about summer coming. I am thinking about: watermelon, grilling, obx, afternoons at the river with K. and Rusty, summer dresses and flip flops, camping...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

GOSPEL = great news.
Jesus' life, death, and resurrection is my true satisfaction.

We went to church and brunch, and I also got these lovely dyed eggs from my sister. The brown one is dyed with coffee !

Today I am once again reflecting on the great news, being grateful, and recovering from our trip to Korea. We are back! And although terribly jet-lagged and wobbly-legged, we loved being away. I am not quite ready to face reality yet, but will do my best. It was a busy trip, and it was glorious because we got to spend some time with my family, and for me, I just loved the simple fact that I was traveling with my husband. Being in a different context was refreshing and I got to see even more of why being married to K. is so grand. I am appreciating him more as time goes by, as a husband and best friend. We have lots to learn and challenges to face, but thank goodness I have this man to laugh through it all with.

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Hot spring

And more smooches:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

grilled oysters

We were recently introduced to glory that is grilled oysters by our food connoisseur friend, D. Nelms, for which we are grateful because we love it! Especially paired with this garlic chili and pepper sauce. One of the many reasons that K. and I love the warmer months is because it gives us that many more days to grill, and now we have something else to add to our list of 'things-we- like-to-grill-and-eat.

Last weekend we got our oysters from Yellow Umbrella, our favorite seafood store, because the guys there are friendly and knowledgeable, and they like getting things locally.

You know the oysters are ready when they start to crack open, and then you can use a glove and knife to pry them open. Here is Ken shucking 'em oyster.

Here is hot oyster covered in hot sauce. Yum.

I'd been craving some sangria, so I made up a big batch to have with the oysters!

Our friends, the Hams, were over that weekend, and here we are eating oysters after a really big lunch from Ronnie's Ribs. We are happily stuffed.