Thursday, February 3, 2011

little dates: carytown burger and fries

Recently, Ken and I have both been craving a burger, so we went on a little date tonight to get burgers at the best burger joint in town: Carytown Burgers and Fries!

They have tons of other stuff on their menu, but their burgers are infamous for their size and the variety of things they pile on them. We both got the Kojak burger (burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo + bacon + egg + cheese) and a side of tater tots smothered in malt vinegar and ketchup. It was delicious and our cravings were well satisfied.

Some of the pictures of the food have a werid orange-y quality, but you get the idea.

We ended the dinner with tart frozen yogurt from the new Sweet Frog that opened up in Carytown, and came home happily stuffed. It was a quick dinner, but it felt so nice to be out and about, on a week night, just me and the husband, getting our burger on. I like it that he is still my favorite person to go on a date with :)

I <3>


  1. oh yay!
    i love carytown burgers :)
    i made burgers the other night. i would go as far as saying it was comparable to carytown burgers :P

  2. yay for burgers and date night! Chris and I went to cafe caturra last night. He was surprised by the yummy sandwiches...I love your dress by the way!!

  3. i like that first photo of you.

    also, i make the most delicious lamb burgers. if you make some at home, try baa instead of moo.