Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i can only write so many cover letters before i want to throw up.

For the most part, I really am having a lovely few days enjoying some time off after studying. Some of the more pleasant things have been: catching up with friends, finally folding that huge stack of laundry, and exercising. Things that I'm not appreciating as much is the yo-yo weather, and job searching. I was actually excited to job search, because oh-the-possibilities, and the doom and gloom tone of articles like this had faded somewhat from my mind. However, a few days of writing cover letters and reading job descriptions, I want to shake my fist in the air and yell, I CAN'T HAVE 5-7 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IF YOU WON'T HIRE ME, FIRST!

I'm open and flexible in regards to the type of job I get. I know it will take a while (if ever) to get to a job that I will be happy with, so I'm willing to wait and work any number of jobs in the meanwhile. Ideally, the time that I spend working the next few years will ultimately contribute to a career, and that is what I'm gunning for with my recent job searches. I don't have too much luxury in taking up unpaid internships to help the greater good, however, since the monster that is student loans come knocking every month.

In order to find a job that will offer sufficient pay (mostly so I can pay off the student loans), AND be somewhat in line with my career, I am looking outside of Richmond to other cities that may have more possibilities. At this point, since we're young and without children, moving to another city for a job is definitely do-able. I am, as always, up for an adventure, and pretty much ready for a new place. But then I also think about how familiar this city is to me and all of the friends we have here, and know that it will be hard to leave, if it ever came down to that. Richmond has so much character - both in its people and buildings - and glad that this is where we are spending our first year of marriage.

Here are some quick snapshots I took of our neighborhood the other day while walking Rusty, isn't it lovely?

Back to cover letters!

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