Friday, February 11, 2011

church hill eats: buffington and wine's

The Paul Bunyan

There is a new eats in Church Hill called, Buffington & Wine's Pies, Fries and Franks, on 29th and Broad Street. Their name is what it is because there is one Mr. Buffington (from Captain Buzzy's) and one Mr. Wine. Mr. Wine likes wine. He told us himself. He said the wine selection is going to be affordable and awesome. He was very nice.

The pizza was not as affordable. It was $17 for this pie, which was big, and good, but it was nothing to run around the block about. The sauce is really good (something about purple basil?), I liked the cheese, and the bread was light and clean-tasting (no, really), so we ate up. But I don't know, $17 for a pie seems steep to me, when my favorite kind of pizza is one that is a regular ol' cheese pizza in its most cheesy, greasy, and cheap glory. We also got their beer-battered onion rings, which were cold, but good and crispy.

Mr. Wine was friendly, there are other things on their menu, and there is the promise of good quality wine, so we'll most likely go back. Give me some crispy onion rings and a good beer or wine, and I'm a happy girl. Bottom line, we like that more restaurants are opening up in Church Hill and wish them the best! See menu HERE.

In other news, I'm pooped.

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  1. The food was really awful when I ate must have gotten lucky.