Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ladies at Can Can Brasserie

Life feels different and special these days because all the ladies in my family are in one city for the week: mom, sharon, eunice, moi. There is an excessive amount of talking over good food, and things are as they should be. This morning we spent our time at Can Can, a favorite place to go hang out for coffee and morning pastries.
Can Can is glorious for both its food and ambiance. It is exactly as a brasserie should be.
See fantastic menu here.

For today, two thumbs up to their french press coffee, goat cheese & fig croissant, and apricot scone!

Speaking of glorious foods: go here to see pictures and hear sound clips of the restaurant critic for The New York Times, Sam Sifton, describe the 15 best things he ate around town (NYC) in the past year. The pictures of the food along with the narrative make for a compelling and mouth-watering documentary of food appreciation.

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