Sunday, September 12, 2010

married life

married life good. But if you'd asked me a few days ago, I would've said, 'hard'. Only because once we got married, it was back to the grind all too soon. Yes, everything that was good about us before the wedding carried over, but I had really needed some adjustment time. Adjustment time meaning a huge chunk of down time, just me and the new husband. My psyche needed convincing that I could handle the upgrade.

This past weekend was the first weekend that we were able to have some R & R to ourselves since the beginning of April. Because since that month, K. got a new job, I graduated law school, we both moved, I started studying for the bar, took the bar, planned a wedding, attended a funeral, was in a wedding, got my wisdom teeth taken out, had house guests, got married, ... to mention a few things.

When we got back from the wedding, I realized how much the four months of non-stop activity and life-altering events without some refocus time + K's new double-loaded schedule + me trying to figure out what to do post-graduating, had me worked up and wound up, all by myself. It was wholly exhausting.

So this weekend, we attempted to restore. And yes, there was some sickness that caught up with us in the latter part of the weekend, and maybe we didn't get to do all that we had planned to, but it was good, really good. My physical body and my warbling psyche feels tiny bit more rested and reassured, and I am grateful.

I can already tell that this married thing is going to mean an abundance of life lessons and inward searching sagas. Perhaps some people think the point of marriage is to be happy, but I will loudly disagree. The point of marriage seems to be to become the best version of yourself, more like the person you are meant to be and created to be. Since this process of becoming yourself is almost impossible to accomplish by yourself, its good to have someone who is going legally promise to stick by you, love you, and keep you accountable. It helps if that person is also your best friend. It also helps to have perspective, close family and girlfriends you can trust, and a lot of time on your knees.

In my very newly-wedded perspective, methinks this process of two muddy rocks being constantly being rubbed against each other to become diamonds, is almost like a 4th dimension of life - new, not easy, long-term, and wholly fascinating!!!

So again, I am grateful.

wedding + 2 weeks =

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