Friday, July 30, 2010

i never thought i was one to have anxiety

Good lord the amount of things that I have left to tackle is tremendous.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

hotel shampoos are le terrible.

I suspect they might put hand soap or dishwasher soap in those tiny shampoo bottles. Roanoke itself wasn't bad though. Neither was the drive back, through the small towns of western virginia...almost pleasant.

The Bar Exam is done. I still feel sick to my stomach, but i'll get over it. It might help if i could sleep for 24 hours, but don't have the time just yet. I'm sitting here trying to muster up the strength to go through all my bills, start packing my entire apartment, clean, and return some emails.

What I really need is a vacation.

In other news, unrelated, but maybe not so distantly, the headlines of "An Arizona Morgue Grows Crowded"

Bodies are stored in a refrigerated area of the Pima County morgue, which is running out of space as the number of immigrants found dead in deserts around Tucson has soared.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

do or die

i am strangely moved by this photo. good composition, good portrait. i am also appropriately moved, and encouraged by this photo:

i framed a few cards that s. sent me for study-hup-hup and birthday cheer. wonder woman, i am not, but can pretend to be.

Monday, July 19, 2010

what type are you?

i'm not as passionate or knowledgeable about type as some folks but I do get pretty excited about it. I love words, letters, design, and I like how type gives words a personality. So along those lines: nina simone! to motion typography!

And also, check out this neat site by Pentagram to see what type you are! I'm Bifur.


speaking of fonts, check out this detail from a wedding recently featured on cocktail names for a "Font Bar" i.e. Good Times New Roman, Bodoni Martini, Happy Akzidenz, Futurita, Baskerville Sour, Trade Gothic...I shiver at all the possibilities.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

i will miss my apartment

Haven, launch pad, hide-away loft, cocoon: you've been good to me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a chronicle of 10 weeks

week 1-3: hysteria, panic attacks, anxiety
week 4-5: muted pain
week 6-7: determination
week 8: utter despair
week 9: acceptance and resignation
week 10: tunnel of doom

Whether i pass or fail, this has been the hardest thing i have done. Not just the insane studying, but also the wedding planning, and balancing the rest of life and balancing sanity. This has truly been more akin to 10-week long emotional and mental marathon than I expected.

I might need to get to a place where I can shrug my shoulders and say, 'well if i fail, i'll just try again', because I'm pretty sure I am going to fail. I am the worst test-taker on the planet of this earth so I cannot be too surprised when I don't do well.

If i write anymore in this during the next two weeks it will be to vomit words of anxiety and fear. It might get ugly.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Minimalist strikes again

See here 101 grilling ideas 'begging to be tried'. I enter into a fantasy land, where I have loads of time to try every single idea.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

squint your eyes, blend

Now that I have to spend all my time preparing for the bar, I all of a sudden have emerged out from my anti-bride status into wanting to become the proactive wedding planner. NOW i want to browse wedding blogs all day long and wonder about color schemes, when I really should be learning about the Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities. I am a hazard to myself.

Certain color combinations is akin to certain food combinations. Some fit naturally, obviously, and others are more unconventional but turn out to be fabulous, unexpectedly. I've been thinking a lot about colors because: 1) wedding, 2) painting the new place, 3) its something other than memorizing law.

I love the scheme of pink and turquoise, red and turquoise, rose and slate blue, etc. with offsets of peach and green. The following are inspiring:

One of these days, I will maintain a proper blog. It will try to consistently have good ideas, true stories, and pretty pictures. Also, I will write more, in general, one of these days..