Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tightly wound

My body actually feels physically unwell because of the stress. My skin is a thin sheet of glass that is stretched around my bones, and any moment now, it will shatter.

It's terrible because the smallest thing makes me feel like I am going to have a colossal meltdown and Lord knows I can't continue to function like this for the next few months. It will handicap my mind.

I am often moody and irritable with k. and i don't know if it's because a) he's being dumb and wrong, b) i'm nervous about getting married, or c) i'm stressed. probably (c) or (b) but i sometimes try to make it about (a). poor k. poor me.

My lumpy bag of bones:

Bar prep study
Wedding planning
Apt/house hunting
Job hunting
Student Loans
Wisdom tooth/infection fiasco
Budgeting and finances