Friday, February 12, 2010

i am done with law school.

Rusty the bear loves the snow. I think I would probably love the snow as much as he does if I had his fur and his hopping abilities. K. and i talked about getting water-proof gear to help us romp around with the bear. We also talked about using the bear's fur to make ourselves a coat.

Sometimes I am convinced that this life right now is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Other times, I'm equally convinced that I'm supposed to be doing something else. Thankfully, the positive conviction about my current life is the majority. But there is always an itch. I'm not sure if living out the possibilities of different lives in my head motivates me or depresses me. Maybe both.

Sometimes, I feel at utter peace. This means happiness, confidence, and gratitude. But these days, even the moments of peace kind of creep me out.