Wednesday, November 4, 2009

happy halloween?

once in a while, i supsect someone else must be living my life, because surely, it wasn't me that just lived through the entire month of october and now facing november? how was it halloween already and now we're talking about thanksgiving? what's going on?

i didn't feel like dressing up at all, so i went out and got a huge bowl and appropriate-sized candy. i told myself that i'd pass off my participation this year by staying at home and passing out candy to the miniature superheros and scaries of the neighborhood. but we got home too late that day and missed all the kids, so now there is an big orange bowl of halloween candy sitting there without proper debut.

then i saw pictures of all the people dressed up and found it kind of annoying. i'm apparently just not in the right mindset this year.

to be fair to myself, i properly did a fall activity. i dragged boyfriend and company up a mountain to pick apples. 35 dollars worth of apples, to be clear. then i thought of different things i could make and bake with the apples. i realized that this may mark the cross over from need-to-dress-up-and-party attitude to the domesticated betty who makes apple crisp from scratch at home. and i kind of liked it. (what's going on?) let's see how this plays out for the other upcoming holidays.