Tuesday, November 4, 2008


why is it not summer.

i am so tempted to do another study abroad.
probably australia, italy, or s. america.
also, i miss new york city.
i miss my sisters.

why do we have to follow so many rules?!
why are there so many boring people? !!!!


  1. chrisie chrisie chrisie!!
    I think for some reason i blocked out of my memory that you creatd a new blog. now that i think of it you sent me an email about it right? well anyhoo last week at work sofia and i were taking a break from work and looking at my xanga friends and then i saw this link and we read almost ALLL your entries and i got so terribly homesick and felt like an idiot that i didn't know about this sooner. i love this site and to sum up all your entries: fabulous!

    miss you
    <3 eunie

  2. what 'hi' said

    conor oberst and of montreal are coming to richmond?!

  3. yes, they both came to richmond. in october.