Monday, September 18, 2017


We went down to Virginia Beach this past weekend and made a day trip to Outerbanks on Saturday. This was a rescheduled trip; we were planning on doing this during the weekend of our anniversary but due to a change in plans we made it happen this past weekend instead. It didn't hit me until we were on our way down there that it has been seven years since we had last been there, for our wedding! We visited Duck, to go see where we had our wedding, drove down to Manteo, and stopped by the sand dunes on our way back up. Everything felt so familiar that it didn't feel like it had been so long since I had been back, and I quickly remembered how much I love this place!

A very adorable little fruit and vegetable stand. We should have gotten more of the plums and muscadine grapes! 

This is the backyard where we had our ceremony - look how it has changed! We kept remarking at how much smaller it seemed than what we remembered. Here is the post about our wddding, for reference. 

Friday, September 15, 2017


Happy Friday! Truly. Happy day.

We are going to take a quick trip to the beach this weekend, and hopefully fit in a day trip to the Outer Banks. I'm looking forward to showing Sloane and Logan where Ken and I got married, saying hello to the beach, and seeing the sand dunes.

Before we go, I'm going to share these photos of last weekend, when we got together at our friend's place for a low country boil. I love these types of gatherings around food and drink, and this night was special because we made it an adult-only event and got to hang out and have fun (uninterrupted!) conversations.

Some fun facts:
1. Always include garlic; when it is cooked and soft, you can smoosh it over your slab of butter and put it over everything.
2. Whiskey sours go really well with this type of meal.
3. Eating with your hands makes the food taste even better.