Friday, October 19, 2018


I was so thrilled to meet the third Agaba baby when she came - Ivy Ann! I took these photos of the family with their new addition last month, and gleefully watched the three girls together, wishing for them friendships and adventures like my sisters and I have had.  Here are some of the photos from that day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


A labor day weekend update, a month and a half later!  How is everyone doing? Do people read blogs anymore?  I still love looking back at old blog entries of mine, so I shall proceed:  documenting, telling, sharing - thank you for being here. 

Most of October stayed warm - there were pumpkins showing up at the stores, and they seemed like utterly out of place, and then there were mentions of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and truly, I don't understand why one would ruin a chocolate chip cookie with pumpkin? And then suddenly, a few days ago, the weather turned and we are officially in autumn weather. Which isn't bad really, but I know what's coming, so I'm diligently taking my vitamins and hoping for the best. 

Anyways, rewinding back to the beginning of September, when we were mentally gearing down from summer and trying to prepare for the new school year (Sloane starting 1st grade! ah!), I realized we hadn't been to the river all summer, so I planned a trip to Belle Isle for that Monday morning. Ken and I used to go to Belle Isle at the James River all the time (and fun fact:that's where he proposed !) but we haven't gone with the kids often, so it felt novel. We took our time; we sipped and savored on that morning, the rushing waters providing reprieve from the sticky air.  Us together walking to the rocks and resting there, felt like an appropriate commemorating of a new season. 

Here are some photos from that morning: 

Do you see the person on that little bit of land? Logan saw him and said, "Look! A really tiny grownup!" 

We saw a lot of dogs that day (I think we counted 24?) and as usual, the girls tried to meet as many of them as they could. 

This seemed like a good book to start reading on labor day weekend to start the new school year.