Friday, April 21, 2017


Here we go! This is more of a "last week days" sort of round up. This past week has had a different sort of tone (kindergarten registrations! a tiny little cast! a dear friend who is living with us for a couple of months!) but that will have to be for another post, because I am cramming a bunch of pictures and words in here already.

One of the things that makes me contemplate the richness and fortune of my life is the fact that I am born during a time where I can enjoy both classical and jazz music. The evolution of music is stunning - similar to the fine arts but I think even more so -  especially in its reaction to each period and then the growth and creativity on top of previous generations' shoulders. I can't believe we have access to the great expanse and variety that is the story of music (Spotify is a treasure trove). All this to say I've been listening to a lot of classical and jazz recently (classical in the mornings, jazz in the evenings on my way to the gym, and a variety of artists during dinner time, i.e. indie folk) and I'm aching to find some great live jazz locally.  There are weeks when I go without being intentional about listening to music, but these days I'm really enjoying paying attention to the music I can have around us and interweave throughout our day to day. 

The spring season may be part of it; it is lovely having music playing when we are out in the sunroom and I'm happy to have music playing in the background when we have company. It ties to me to the moment more significantly somehow, does anyone else know what I'm talking about? 

I shared in my last post how we had a bunch of friends come down this past weekend and most of these photos here are from that weekend, collected here like a photo album to look back on.

On Saturday as they came into town we all met up for lunch at Fancy Biscuit. It was my first time there and I am into it. The place was adorable, the lines were long, and they made their own biscuits from scratch (proof in that first photo up there).  I got the "Big Apple" which was friend chicken, blue cheese, apple and red cabbage slaw, and apple BBQ sauce in between two fluffy biscuits. Really good.

I love this family of mine and I love these flowers blooming in our yard right now! 

I don't think I managed to get a photo of all the kids together but I got different combinations of them at different points throughout the weekend. Here are most of them right before church.

And then after church & lunch, and right before ice cream at Charm School.

Oh the anticipation. and also, the ants! That's what Jameson is point out there.

Right when we walked into the store, I guess one of the owners was taking a photo of this giant beaut of an ice cream cone for their social media and when he was done he turned around and saw me and said, "do you want this?" And yes, I took a photo of it too, I couldn't resist, and then we gobbled it all up, it was delicious.

I had the thought - do I try this wallpaper in one of our bathrooms??

The whole gang!

I bet you that I'm talking about Enneagrams here. We all stayed up too late doing exactly that.  (This photo and our family photos above c/o jayne.)

Oh! and our friends Lisa and David were also in town to visit their family and we got to have a meal with them on Friday and meet their kids, who are very adorable. No one is smiling in this photo (probably because I made them take a photo right before they were about to eat), so you're just going to have to trust me that they all had a great time and we loved catching up with this family!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This little girl is crazy cute these days, but she is also the bane of my sleeping existence. She has the will of an ox, or whatever animal has strong willpower, and these days she has been waking up with night terrors (which I'm guessing based on how she wakes up yelling "no no noooooo") and then having the hardest time going back to sleep. I'm tired! We are all tired, except for Sloane, who can blissfully and thankfully sleep through it all.  

Anyways, what I mean to show you with that first photo is not my adorable and spunky 21 month old but the old wooden picnic table that she is so joyfully sitting on. I found two of these kid sized picnic tables on Craigslist (2 of them for $25) and when I brought them home, the girls were obsessed with them, especially Lola. She wanted to sit there everyday when we got home and specifically she wanted to sit there and eat an apple with her sister. The girl knows what she wants. I could have kept the tables as is, but I decided to spruce it up with white paint because I ultimately wanted them to live in the sunroom. Truth be told, the process was a little bit of a pain in the butt, but mostly because it is so hard to find time for extra projects these days. It had to be finished in bits and pieces, stolen moments here and there, and sometimes in the dark with an extra flashlight on.

The perk of having a four year old who wants to help: actual help!  She helped me get the primer on. 

These were the tables after they got a coat of primer and almost two coats of external paint (the top of the tables and benches got two coats, every where else just got one additional coat on top of the primer). After this photo, I moved them to the sunroom and sealed them with sealant.

And Ta-da! Here they live. We put them right up against each other so they make a long table for having friends sit around the table together. 

It was so worth it! We've already used it a ton for having dinner on the porch, crafts and Easter shenanigans, like in my previous post

Monday, April 17, 2017


This past weekend we had two families come stay with us from out of town, and along with a family of friends who recently have moved into town, there were a total of four families - 8 adults and 8 kids- that got to spend Easter weekend together.  It was great fun for all of us, but perhaps even more for the kids - they played their little hearts out with all sorts of pretend play and outdoor shenanigans. (The adult fun consisted of drinks and conversation about Enneageams! late into the night) On Saturday night when I put Sloane to bed, she exclaimed with a satisfied sigh, "Oh man, that was really a great day."

One of the things we did on Saturday was a little egg hunt for the kids. I hid hard boiled eggs and kazoos all around the yard and the kids were so enthusiastic in their search; most of these pictures here are from their hunt. Afterwards the kids exchanged some eggs for treats and dropped the rest of them into natural dye water, which didn't turn out like they were supposed to but none of them seemed to mind: there was way too much playing to be had.