Thursday, March 5, 2015


So this happened.  

This past Saturday, Ken went down to VA beach for the night to return the next day and decided to take Sloane with him at the last moment. I couldn't go because I had some things to do up here, and it was the first time that I had been left without husband AND baby since Sloane's been born.  There were a few notable things, but the most newsworthy is that I went to bed at 11:00PM Saturday night....and then woke up at 10:45AM..!!!! Folks, that's almost 12 hours, if you want the count.  I was stunned, to say the least. Yes, I'm being dramatic, but truly I cannot remember the last time this happened. It has been at least 2 and a half years, because that's how old Sloane is, and most likely more than that because pregnancy doesn't allow for the best kind of sleep.  I felt refreshed, I felt like a new woman, it felt like what it might feel like to see the northern lights. Yeah, dramatic. 

Anyways, I thought such an occasion warranted a celebration.  I never eat in bed (it's a thing I have with my beds; it's a sacred place!) but I broke that rule because it was just me, and hey I felt like I wanted to stay in bed juusssst a tad longer.  I made myself of a tray: a bowl of yogurt, granola and lots of fruit, coconut pancakes with maple syrup, and Irish black tea, and came back into bed. I enjoyed the heck out of that breakfast while reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" (I'm re-reading this book and it's been amazing). 

The day continued with more small victories - I folded ALL the laundry we had piling up (count 'em, one, two, three, four....loads) while Fantasia played in the background (On Netflix now!), worked on an article I had been putting off while listening to "The Book of Love" covers on Spotify, stepped out to grab some food from the new Korean spot that opened up in Jackson Ward, and then welcomed back my family with open arms when they returned back home that evening. 

Even with the chores and work I got done that day, it felt like a true day of rest. My soul needed to be nursed with a little dose of solitude and that's exactly what I got.  The rarity of these days had me appreciating the luxury, and the benefits always are that I feel a little more whole and a little better off to be able to love and serve my family. 

I'm trying to be intentional about rest these days. I know that with the second baby, there will be even less opportunity for it, and our weekday schedule has the makings of wearing us all down with Ken traveling a lot and me holding down the fort with Sloane at home. But we are getting through it, and I feel more closer to my family and excited about what is to come, than ever.  

To be honest, I only felt a smidge better about Monday coming around again, but truly all things do pass, and just like that another week gone...and hey! it's the weekend again. Let's do a quick summary, shall we? with some links? This past week:

- Ken had to travel up and down to northern Virginia for work, twice 

- We had an amazing day that smelled and felt like spring 

- NPR music released Austin 100  (so much good music!)

- I started sweating this lipstick 

- I made green juice or green smoothie everyday - still can't get enough!

- We watched the first episode of House of Cards

- I did some more daydreaming about this dessert

- It got cold and SNOWED again 

Regardless of the snow, my spirits are high because I spy some weather in the low 60's next week. And if you didn't know - daylight savings is this weekend, which means we lose an hour but also, more daylight! So set you clocks, plan accordingly, get some spring cleaning done, maybe a few hours of solitude, maybe a few hours of being with your family and enjoy your weekend! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Feb 5
"What are you doing mommy deer?" (as in the animal, the deer)
"I'm driving...what are you doing, baby deer?"
"Oh, I'm just watching the stars and moon in the sky"
After a few moments of gazing out the window, "Hey mom, the stars are going 'twinkie twinkie'!!"

Feb 8
"What you feel mom?" (For how do you feel?) 

Feb 9
While Sloane and her stuffed sheep are waiting for their breakfast:
"Mom, ba sheep is just a little bit sad"
"Because she is hungry."
"Food is almost ready!" 
She pats the sheep reassuringly and I hear her whisper to the sheep, "its okay.."

Feb 10
"Sloane, do you want to say hello to the baby?" 
"Yes," she smiled, and says "hi!" to my belly.
And then, "Mommy, do you want to say hi to my baby?" patting her own belly. 
After I say hello, she says, "My baby is moving! It's drinking milk"

Feb 11
I love the way she says her name right now: "Swoane"

Feb 12
She was being especially whiny this morning, and I said Sloane, you are not obeying mom.  She started crying and said, "I'm sorry." And then she says, " I want to tell daddy... I want to tell daddy that I didn't obey." 

Feb 13
The subject of babies came up and I said, "Your sister is in mom's belly and she's growing and growing." And she said, "No mommy my sister is in MY belly!" And then she went on to tell this detailed story about how after her baby sister came out of her belly she drove her to the playground and then they were having a good time and then all these animals started coming over - kitty cats, doggies, lions, rabbits.. And all of them were soft.  And the baby sister wasn't afraid of the lion. 

Feb 14
"Mom, I hugged puppy and my heart melted! 
....And then my heart came back"

Feb 15
While observing the bird poop on the window, "Mom, the bird poop is still there! Don't eat it, it's yucky."
A few minutes later I hear her say to herself, "Birds don't have toilets."

Feb 16
Out of the blue:
"Mom I'm pretty." And then, "I'm not scared of dinosaurs!"

Feb 18
"Mom those pants are comter-ful! (comfortable)"

Feb 20 
I peeked into her room one morning when I hadn't heard from her and found her standing up next to her bed, gazing up at the wall of her art work and studying each one carefully.  

Feb 21
As we pull out of the driveway, "Be careful mom....Watch out for the car !"

Feb 22
The way she says "hello" on her pretend phone just kills me everytime: "Heddo?"

Feb 24
"Mom, June is my friend. I love her. June cried today. And I said, it's okay june."
"Oh honey that was nice. What about you, did you cry today?"
"No", she sys quickly, "I'm a big girl."
But a few moments later,
"Mom I cried last week."
"Because I wanted mommy and daddy.."

Feb 26
During bedtime, we sang "Silent Night" together and she interrupted every few minutes to ask, "Mom what's holy?....What's tender mean?.....What's peace mean?"

Monday, March 2, 2015


February is FINALLY over (the coldest February since forever, did you hear?) and we waved it buh-bye with a soup party, lovingly dubbed the souper bowl, for the second year in a row. It was such a lovely time with a bunch of lovely ladies, soups, bread and cheese with fruit and one of the best desserts I've ever met. 

Mignon brought the dessert: a vanilla beam semifreddo and orange sorbet terraine. Holy cow.

I feel full, cheered and ready to tackle on a few more weeks of winter.

P. S. Souper Bowl I from last year

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I had almost forgotten how torturous these last few weeks of winter are. I put on a brave face last week in the face of below zero degrees temperature and snow, but this week it's still cold and there's more snow and the bravado is waning. No matter how much it feels like these weeks will go on forever though, experience has taught me that this too shall pass. Until then, you can find me drinking green smoothies, eating pie, working out, wearing fleece-lined tights everyday, reading books,  snuggling with my family, and dreaming of warmer days...


Monday, February 23, 2015


These days, I'm practicing being content, relinquishing control and being kind to myself.  I'm banishing small anxieties, being present and whispering 'thank you' in my mind for everything. These days, we are trying to keep warm, looking at each other in the eye and trying to savor moments with each other. 

I love this photo of Ken, Ken's grandma, Ken's mom and Sloane from when we went down to Va Beach a few weeks ago. Recently I have been feeling refreshed and peaceful whenever we go down there.

We got to celebrate my MIL's birthday together and Sloane was more than happy to sing happy birthday at the top of her lungs and help blow out the candles.

Pushing a small-sized cart around the grocery store is her happy place. I picked up a copy of Cook's Illustrated and as always, it's so good.

I walked in on this sweet moment and it totally made me swoon.

Sloane got a new 'big girl' bed! She loves it. 

We told her the crib is now for her baby sister and she's been practicing with baby lamb.

Coming in from the snow, verrrry reluctantly.

There was a time when I used to see these girls regularly, but it hasn't happened enough recently so it felt like a breath of fresh air to catch up last week. 

She is really taken with the ukelele and 'playing' songs on it. 
My favorite ones are the ones she makes up. 

The weekend ended with Sunday night dinner and these three loves. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


So here we are, 5 months! half-way! I have decidedly and fully moved into the land of no-pants.  All of my fingers are tingling ready to get all my winter clothes packed already, but this weather is not letting up, and in fact, there was a big temperature plunge this past week, but that doesn't mean I won't keep checking the 10-day forecast in hope of that sniff of spring.

 5 month pregnancy notes:

  • The bump is fully out and it's growing bigger everyday. I'm feeling large, folks. I got my first, "heyyy, are you pregnant?" last week, which means I'm showing enough that people don't feel awkward about asking. Or they do, but this person asked anyways.  Which I totally don't mind by the way. Better that they assume I'm pregnant than wonder if my plan for fattening up, aka, insulating for winter has gone exclusively to my belly.
  • I'm feeling good, and the fogginess and exhaustion of the first trimester feels like a long, long time ago. Thank God.
  • I can feel the babe moving around, A LOT.  It feels like flutters and somersaults, and occasionally, a little kick. 
  • Sloane still maintains she also has a baby in her belly. 
  • I still crave green juice and salads (the other day I drank a giant glass of green juice while standing over a pan full of broccoli on the stove and ate almost all of the broccoli, straight from the pan), oh and green smoothies is now also a thing, but I also want pie. A lot of pie. I'm starting to make a dent in my wallet with visits to Proper Pie.  I've also had much more of a hankering for spicy foods that I did last time: spicy drunken noodles, dukbokgi (a korean dish) and jalapeno cheddar cheetos have a special place in my heart. 
  • Reason # 101 of why I'm itching for it to get warmer is so that I can go on more walks; I vaguely remember going on a lot of walks during my first pregnancy and liking it. 
  • Ken and I wonder what it's going to be like with two kids: getting excited about a sibling for Sloane, trying not to get too worried about finances, and speculating about this one's personality. 
  • I am really eager to meet this baby. I would like it to be sooner than later please, but we all know it doesn't quite work that way....5 more months to go!

(this pregnancy at: 3 months, 4 months)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 I tend to be a total grinch when it comes to the snow (especially in my older age) because 1) it's cold, 2) I hate driving in the snow, and 3) I resent how it always snows here just enough to put a huge damper on commutes and plans but not enough to close work 

But goodness gracious, the squeal of delight that comes out of my child when she sees the snow? The giddy laughter that continues on and on as she makes her way through the snow and falls every two feet because of how deep the snow is? It somehow makes it worth it. 

This past snowfall actually warranted a snow day, which I can't remember the last time that happened, and I tried to take full advantage of an unexpected day at home. Truly, I could do with one of these every once in a while. 

I took a mid morning bath, we spent some time outdoors, I colored and drew with my daughter, we made green smoothies and ate lunch together, I took that hour and a half during her nap to sit and do nothing else except sip on a cup of decaf coffee and read through 'Department of Speculation', I cleaned out her closet, we 'helped' papa shovel the driveway, I made dinner, we had dinner together, I organized and sorted Sloane's toys, I made plans for the laundry room, I did some research, and finished the last chapter of 'An Altar in the World' over a cup of tea. 

I love these pictures of Ken and Sloane playing in the snow. Ken kept dumping snow on her, she would laugh hysterically as she tried to get away, and then tried to get him back with her tiny fistfuls of snow.

And this is her face of not wanting to come back in from the snow, and finally conceding after I promised that the snow would be around later in the afternoon for us to play in again: 

Monday, February 16, 2015


How was everyone's weekend? Are we all ready for this week? I'm bracing myself and trying to do some emotional preparation for how cold it's going to be. I'm happy to report that I'm going forth with a great weekend behind me, so that's something, right ? 

Sloane is really into bags these days. Probably since she always sees me carrying one, she feels it appropriate to have one too, for carrying all her treasures in. I made this heart bag a few weeks ago for a project and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Especially since it was really easy - just felt and fabric glue! 

She loved it :) 

For Valentine's Day this past weekend, I filled the bag with some goodies- a card, puffy heart stickers, fruit snacks, a lollipop, and  BFF heart puzzle necklace - one for her and one for me. The last time I gave her a lollipop was a year ago when we traveled to San Francisco so that it would help with the ear popping on the plane, so her anticipation over that lollipop was pretty monumental. 

Throughout the day, she would ask to see my necklace so that she could fit them together.  

We went up to northern Virginia for the day to see my sister for her birthday and it was such a nice day of being together. We loved seeing Eunice eemo (what Sloane calls my sister) and I got my spicy Korean food craving addressed, too.

We went to a bakery after lunch for some dessert and Sloane got to try a macaroon! 

Happy birthday Eunice! We love you so. 

With my baby sister and my baby..! :)