Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Some thoughts recently:

1. My highest priority this week, along with keeping up with the regular things, is going to sleep early. I am two days in, and so far so good.

2. I am not a coffee snob but it is becoming difficult to drink the bland coffee at work everyday. Should I get a mini espresso maker? Or should I cut down on coffee? 

3.  We are already nearing the end of July, and I have deeply entrenched anxiety about the summer ending.

4. Speaking of counting down, there are 47 days left until Sloane starts kindergarten. I have so many feelings about this, although I haven't named them yet.

5. My parents are going to be here next week and I am so excited! 

These photos are more captures from our time exploring Columbus a few weeks ago. One of the must-do things on my list was to go get some Jeni's ice cream and you guys, SO good. We tried to squeeze a second trip in there before we left but couldn't make it happen. Thankfully, you can order pints of it online but it was definitely much more fun going to the shop and getting it scooped into cones. 

We also checked out this area called Short North, which is a street filled with an assortment of shops and restaurants. We perused for a while and ate lunch here before heading to the wedding rehearsal on Friday. 

Other things of note! We had lunch at this place called Sweet Carrot, which is a barbecue place that gives you the option of getting your choice slathered upon a corn cake. I got the fried artichoke option and it was really delicious. 

We had breakfast at a place called Fox in the Snow and the bakery items there had my eyes as big as saucers. The chocolate croissant we got there was divine and the egg sandwich was perfect. Yes, perfect! 

I was able to get a quick appointment in at The Blowdry Bar before the wedding on Saturday and I loved how quick and easy it was. I loved the results and the price was very reaaonable. I wish we had one of those in Richmond. 

We also had some of the best tacos I've ever had at this place called Los Gauchos Tacqueria. Ken's cousin told us Food Network had ranked their tacos #3 in the nation and were like 'really?? In Ohio?' But really, in Ohio.  It was all so good, my particular favorite was the fish taco, and it was so cheap, which somehow makes it taste even better. 

We will be back, Columbus! 

Monday, July 17, 2017


Warning, a ton of photos coming up ahead!

While we were in Columbus, we spent a day at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I was happy to do this as a sort of celebration of Logan's birthday (we had done this for Sloane's 3rd birthday!) and we had also heard that this was a really great zoo. We were not disappointed; the zoo was large and beautiful, and they did such a wonderful job planning, designing and landscaping the space for the animals according to continent. Each continent had a specific feel and look to recreate the habitat for the animals that lived there, and although we didn't have time to go to all of them, we picked the ones we wanted to see and loved roaming through Africa, Asia, and the aquarium. 

All of us, including the girls, loved it! There is an ethical question that comes up for me regarding the zoo in consideration of whether the animals are treated well and if it's the best kind of thing to support. I've learned that this can vary depending on the kind of zoo that it is, and I think there is a really big benefit to be derived from zoos if it means promotion of education and conservation. This particular one did such a good job promoting both that I came away inspired. The last thing we did there was see a "animals on safari" show where they trained wild animals, as well as dogs and cats from the animal shelter, and talked about what it meant to take care of animals and work towards protecting animals that are endangered. It was such a neat experience for all of us!

A baby polar bear! The mom just had twins and we got to see the baby polar bears swim around and play. 

Africa was set up to feel like we were on a safari trip, and we really did feel that; the heat helped! 

That lion was incredible, beautiful, majestic.

Yep, that's me and Ken... on a camel! Neither Sloane and Logan wanted to ride and we had already gotten the ticket, so we got to ride instead. It was thrilling to be on such an amazing animal! 

Sloane has been asking to have her face painted for weeks now, so when she spotted a face painting stand at the zoo, she was smitten. She chose a flamingo! 

Can you spot the tiger? 

Sloane got to feel a snake!